Sunday, March 18, 2012

Subtraction Bump Game (freebie)

I love all of the bump games out there and my kiddos love them too.  I made a winter bump game a while back and it is a favorite of my darlings during math workstations.  I decided to try and make a subtraction bump game.  Ok.  Let's see if I can explain this. (BTW: this works better when the kiddos have a fairly good grasp of subtraction!)

Each player has either 10 red or yellow (or whatever) tokens. Give the kiddos two dice. The first player rolls the dice and decides which die has the biggest number.  They then subtract the second die from the first die, find that number on the board and cover it up.  If your partner is already on that number you can bump your partner's token off.  If you bump your partner they take back their maker and have a chance to use it again.  If you roll a number that you already have covered, you can stack another marker on top of it.  Any space with two markers stacked on top of each other is locked and that space can't be bumped.  If you roll a number that is not available on the board, the next player takes their turn.  The player to use all of their tokens wins!

Was that clear as mud?  I swear the kiddos will love it.  It's just hard to explain!

Ok, here it is if you want it!



Basia said...

Sounds FUN! Can't wait to try with my kiddos!!
smoky mntn, TN

Kristin said...

My kids are lovin BUMP games too! Thanks for sharing!

Mrs. Krull
Of Primary Importance

Busy Bees said...

Just became your newest follower. I love anchor charts!!

Sandra said...

Bump games are great! Thanks for sharing!