Monday, June 6, 2011

Desks vs. Tables

I am joining up with Ladybug's Teacher Files to discuss:

Update: the tables are from jonti craft)
Can't you just picture those words said in dramatic fashion as if you were at a pro wrestling type event?  No? Just me?  Must be the awesome summer sun!

Anyway,  I have used both tables and desks.  My opinion is tables are WAAAY better than desks.  They don't move around much and can be used during my station times without others feeling as territorial as they seemed to when using desks.  I do feel that you also have to have the right size of table.  I have had tables that are too big and they take up too much valuable floor space.  I have had tables that are too small and the kiddos are bumping elbows all day.  The tables I am using this year are great.  They have a 2 cubbies under each side and one on each end.  

The students put their poetry, handwriting, math, reading and writer's workshop folders in there.  NOTHING ELSE!  (I do periodic checks on this!)  Scissors and glue are passed out and collected as needed.  Each child has a cup they keep their 8 basic crayons in and a glue stick. A pencil goes thru the straw hole.  I usually go to Applebees or Ruby Tuesdays and ask for a class supply of cups.  These have to be the sturdier ones with lids.  I used to get them from Pizza Hut and Fazzolis - but they have started using cheaper cups that bend easily. I use these in place of boxes.  It saves room and if they drop on the floor they don't explode like the boxes.  Name tags were an issue but I purchased ones from Really Good stuff last year.  These were sticky all across the back and a bit smaller than others.  I just used rubbing alcohol to remove and change names. 

All that being said, I do usually keep a few extra desks in my room.  Occasionally I will have a student who can't handle being in such close proximity to others.  I will then put their desk up against one end of the table.  This gives them a bit more personal space, but doesn't exclude them.  

That's it on my room.  Whadd-a-ya think?



Lorena said...

I love the cups. I've tried baskets and other kinds of cups but I will try those this year. :) Thanks for sharing.

Kristen said...

lol at the TABLES VS. DESKS--I could hear that voice! Your room is beautiful and those tables are amazing!! I love the built-in cubby, wow! Thanks so much for linking up :)

Deedee Wills said...

JEAL-OUS!!! I love the desks! I wish I had them!

I heard the voice too!
Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

Tessa said...

Lorena - I will never go back to boxes unless I am forced to. I stalk restaurant managers until they give in and give me cups with lids. My husband and kids used to be mortified but now they are just used to it!
Kristen - thanks for the compliment on the room. This is the same room I went to K in. Funny how things come full circle sometimes! It is a big improvement over my last classroom which was originally build to be a large storage closet.
DeeDee - I never thought I would convince the district to get new tables for my room. I thought for sure they would shoot me down. but they didn't and these are by far my new fav. thing in my room.

BTW - glad everyone else heard that voice too!

Jenny said...

Love the cup idea!!

Tessa said...

Thanks Jenny! I will never go back to boxes!

Katie Mense said...

Love the cup idea!!! I may have to steal it:)I was thinking that a single piece of velcro on the bottom of each cup might be a good idea...They could easily pull them off and then they will get placed back in the same spot every clean up time and they won't be able to bump them off the table during lessons, stories, etc.
THANKS for sharing!!!
Little Warriors

Tessa said...

I have used velcro before and it works fine. I trained my kiddos this year to put their cup on the green, left hand. We could not get started until their lids were on, pencil in the cup and the cup on the green hand. They did great!

Kara Stegeman said...

I love the tables! Where can I get them?


Kerrie said...

So, I REALLY LOVE the tables...where did they come from? I've used table to two years and had pocket charts, but those tear easily. This year I'm moving schools AND grade level...up to
3rd graders. I think they and can the tables and the cups...I may hit the nearest applebee's this weekend!! Thanks for such great ideas!

Zonia said...

Love the tables, Where did you order them from?

Alyse Shetler said...

Where did the tables come from? I would like to know! My principal is ordering new ones for me next year and I want these!!!! :)They look so fabulous! :) Please email me at Thank you!