Friday, December 30, 2011

Holly Bloggy Christmas Exchange

This December I participated in the Holly Bloggy Christmas Exchange.  I have to admit, I get so excited about these things - but I am the world's worst about getting them done! :)  I don't even participate in our school's secret santa anymore because I know my partner will get their gifts a little late.  Anyhoo, I thought since this was one gift I could handle it.  Wrong.  I sent it late.  So I am apologizing to the blogging world and to Julia Powell, (almost Stephenson!) my gift receiver, for sending my gift late! 

Ok. Now that I have confessed and feel a bit lighter in the guilt area, here are some pics of what I received and what I gave.

I got this wonderful clipboard with my name on it, a sticky note holder, a book called The Case for Christ, some adorable hand-made cards, and some extra sticky notes to tide me over.  It is all very cute and I can tell she really tried to match colors to my blog!  I wish I could give credit to my wonderful gift, but my husband for once was trying to be helpful and for once took out the trash - which included the box with her name and address on it!  Ah!  Husbands!  Why do they all of a sudden become responsible when you are expecting their irresponsibility?  I have e-mailed Caitlin and Sarah and will hopefully have her name soon.
Her name is Alyssa Leonard and her blog is called Echoes of the Creator.  Check her out!  Her blog is beautiful!

Here is what I sent.  I took a picture frame and cut cute, seasonal scrapbook paper to fit inside.  You use the outside as a type of white board and you can change the paper out to fit the season.  I make these for my kiddos teachers and they always seem to like them!  I hope Julia liked hers!

Ok.  That is it.  I will probably post soon about all of my December activities - but knowing me it will actually get posted in January some time.  I really need to get help about this procrastinating problem! :)



laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

I love that picture frame!
(new follower!)
=) Jennifer
First Grade Blue SKies

Julia said...

I love it!!! :) Thank you sooooo much!! I am going to post about HBC when my Internet starts working. My phone is just nooooot cutting it. Ha! Please send me your email! :)

Jeannie said...

super cute ideas! I am now following you!


Jessica said...

LOVE your blog! I'm passing the Versatile Blog Award on to you! Grab it at The Littlest Scholars