Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Pinterest Projects

Like many of you I have been pinning like crazy this summer.  Then, I got a rude awakening in the mail the other day - my back to school letter!  REALLY? Only two weeks left?  I decided I needed to start putting into action all the stuff I have been pinning! (that is the point, right?).

So I pinned this:

Then made this:

I also pinned this:

And made this:

Now only at least a thousand more pins to go!

Have you finished any Pinterest projects lately?



Kelly B aka Queen Bee! said...

Oh I love your sign and the sign sorry about the mess. HOw did you make the letters for each one? I would love to have one! LOL


Hummer Chick said...

Too Cute!! Could you please email me you instructions and materials used?

Maggie at MKC! said...

Love your sign! I made bucket seats and chair pockets, a framed saying, crayon organizers, scrapbook paper lined sterilite drawers,table centerpiece buckets to hold pencils, lots of banners, new rules posters to match my owl theme, and a few other things! I went crazy making things I had pinned, so my family is ready to see my dining table uncovered now!
Love all of your creations too!
Maggie’s Kinder Corner

Tessa said...

Hi Kelly - I used a Cricut type machine to cut the letters. If you are not familiar with those machines they basically die cut letters for you.
Hummer Chick - I went to Hobby Lobby and bought ribbon, a canvas board (they have all sizes) and modge podge. I also used a glue gun and scrapbook paper I had. I had my daughter punch circles out of colorful scrap paper and glue stick these down. I then cut out the letters and glued them down. I then put a layer of modge podge over the entire thing. I got on pinterest and looked for a ribbon making tutorial and found one to make the ribbon. That was it!
Maggie - I will be making the crate seats soon.(I am still searching for my staple gun!) I am currently making pom poms out of tissue paper and can't wait to post pics! My family is looking forward to seeing our table too - not to mention not have to sweep up tissue paper remnants!