Thursday, August 25, 2011

Where is Happens Wednesday

Ok.  I know it is really Thursday, but yesterday was a bit crazy and left me no time to blog.  I did snap some pics today.  I cringed a bit when took pics of my table - but that is the reality of my classroom right now.  I just don't have the time to take care of my table when I am dealing with new kiddos (and boy do I have a few to take care of!)  Anyway, on to the pics! (quality isn't great - I was just in a hurry! Sorry!)
My bulletin board outside my room.

This is a little closer view.  Each kiddo has their own square with stikki clips.  I can easily change out projects without changing out the whole board!  Don't ya love the Chicka Chicka trees?  Idea is from Deanna Jump!

View from my door.  This isn't a great pic because the chairs are up, but I wanted you to be able to see the whole room.

This is my writing spot.  The green baskets are some of my leveled  book baskets.

My unfinished word wall.  I think this will turn out great when finished.  My circles I use have somehow walked away.  I'm sure they will turn up soon.  I printed out all of my words and mounted them on different colored bright paper.  I'll post a pic later when this is finished.

My reading corner.  All the buckets have labels that match the labels in the books.

My spot and my guided reading spot.  Right now this is the catch all spot until we can get our routines established.  Sorry about the afternoon sun!  I do not have a desk - not enough room!  After looking at this picture I feel the need to clean up my spot tomorrow!

Our mailboxes.  My sweet hubby made these 15 years ago.  They have traveled to three different schools and up and down several flights of stairs - many times.  (They are heavy!) 

My Smartboard.  L.O.V.E it!  I have had one for about 8 years now and I can't imagine teaching without it.  I do have a chart stand too but it is pushed into the back closet to make room for my darling in a gait walker.  That is her chair you see on the carpet too. It is actually a stadium seat.  Her trunk muscles aren't strong and she tires easily so this gives her a spot to lean back on.

My calendar/morning meeting spot.  I do calendar on the smartboard too - but I think it is important for the kids to have this resource visible all day.  The blue shelves hold station (center) supplies.

A view from the back of the room to the front door.  Yes that is a fire place.  It is original to the 1940's room.  When I went to K in this room the shelves next too it had glass doors on them.  I wish I had them back.  I can only assume the 'fireplace' was put in to give the room a cozy feel.

A closer view of my fireplace.  The colorful squares will be for our friends and family pictures.

One of my focus walls.  I couldn't get this one to turn around for some reason! Sorry!

So, that is it.  Thanks for looking around!



Jennifer said...

Your room looks amazing! I love the fireplace! I love that my room is spacious but with all our regulations (only 20% of the walls can be covered, nothing on the doors, etc.) it seems to lack a homey feel. I'm working on it! Getting some inspiration from you!

Rowdy in First Grade

tmarie said...

Thanks for the kind comments Jennifer! It's nice to know you might have inspired someone - especially since I feel so inspired by all of you!

Michele Brazil and Diane Harrold said...

Where did you get your tables with storage under them?