Friday, August 19, 2011


Are ya'll as tired and relieved as I am?  The first few days are done and I am dead tired!  My kiddos seem great.  A few challenges - but that isn't anything new.  I have been trying whole brain teaching along with my conscious discipline language.  The whole brain teaching is going great.  If you aren't familiar with it go to you tube and check out some videos.  If I knew how to imbed a video I would, but my brain is too fuddled to even try! :) The conscious discipline language is going.... ok.  It is so hard sometimes to remember the exact right thing to say when a child is being obstinant!  I'll get there though!  Anyway,  as soon as I can I want to add some pics of my blogified room.  I used many our YOUR wonderful ideas!  I look around my room and I can see all of your awesome touches staring back at me. So a huge "Thank you" goes to You all!  Pictures coming soon! (as soon as I finish my seat crates!)  If you haven't started yet, good luck!


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Michele Moss said...

Whew is right! I am dead tired too! I know exactly what you mean about trying to think of the right thing to say when a child is not cooperating, I had too many of those times last week. Hopefully, it will get better this week. I really want to go find some of the whole brain videos now, I need to give that a try. Your blog is adorable, I grabbed your button:)
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