Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thank You!

Jennifer at Rowdy in First Grade in having a linky party where you share your positives.  I posted this last Sat. but I thought it would be appropriate for her linky party.

I just found two great blogs.  The first one I found through a comment she made somewhere.  She is a veteran teacher and I think she is fairly new to the blog world.  Head on over to Starbucks, Standards, and Sharpies and give her some love! (Don't you just love the name of her blog!?)  Through her I found the next blog, The Cornerstone Devotions for Teachers.  This is a great blog to head to when you need that little bit of inspiration.  Her last entry suggested we find a way to say Thank You to the Lord - especially in those moments when the negativity is trying to seep out and bring you down.  I may be visiting this site often this year due to my challenging class.  So to that I say, "Thank You Lord!  Thank you for giving me a job.  Thank you for giving me a challenging group so I can learn how to be a better teacher in the long run.  This will make me stronger.  Thank you for a wonderful teaching group.  Thank you for my two team teachers who are devout Christians!  And thank you for giving us coffee with lots of caffeine, Diet Pepsi and Hot Tamales.  They get me thru the day!



Kim and Scott said...


Thank you SO much for your kind words and for the shout out on your blog about mine! You made my day! I am following you as well now!

Kim from:

Angela said...

What a wonderful post. Thanks for linking to my blog, and sharing those inspirational thoughts. Glad to have found you! :-)

yodajunkie said...

What wonderful things to be thankful for! Thank you for sharing! I'm new to blogging and love your site!