Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thanks for the Inspiration!

I just have to give a gigantic THANKS! to all of you wonderful bloggers. You inspire me daily to try new things and to make the ho-hum SPARKLE!  For example, I saw the cutest anchor charts from Abby at The Inspired Apple.  When I began making our anchor chart today on who, where, what and how, we read, I just had to jazz it up!  It was like I had this little voice that whispered, make it cute, make it cute.  So, I cutesyfied it up a bit.  I know it isn't as artsy as other charts I've seen online - but this is pretty cute for me.  I think the kids will like referring back to it too.  Thanks for giving me that push!  (P.S., Is it a little scary that I think of the cute pictures and how they will look on my blog before I take them?)


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