Sunday, July 10, 2011

Help! I don't Know what I am doing!

I am trying to put a new background template on my blog.  Apparently I don't know what I am doing.  If I add something it just covers up the old.  I don't know where to remove it from.  I tried to remove a gadget or whatever it was called and I still have old backgrounds show up!  So, I decided to go to blogger and use a simple template - thinking this would solve the problem.  Nope!  Now I have a simple template with an old background showing up halfway down the page!  CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!  How do I fix this!  Anyone want to take pity on me and help?

You can comment for e-mail me - any help is appreciated!



Unknown said...

this blog post shows you how to add or change a background on your blog.

Unknown said...

If you are using blog template designer then click background then click remove image which is under the preview of your background. Then click the little arrow that is pointing down on the right side and pick or upload your image.

Let me know how that works for you.

Mrs. Egley said...

When you go into your blog dashboard you will see the button that says design. Click on that and then on this page, at the top of (it most likely left side) you will see a tab that says "edit html". It will be under the tabs that say postings, etc. you need to click on edit html. A new page will pop up and you will need to delete the old html coding (I would save the old coding on a word document first!!) . You will see all of the coding in the big box that is labeled edit template. Then you can get the html code for the background you do want and cut and past it into that box. The new background that you are getting might tell you to check the box that says "expand widgets" it is a little box on the top right corner of the edit template box. You can hit the "preview" tab (bottom right" to see if you have the right background and then make sure to hit the button that says "save themplate" If none of this helps you can google "how to add a new background to my blog" and you will be directed to many sights that are helpful (they will actually show you pictures of what I am talking about.) Your problem is definitley that you have 2 html codes going on at the same time. It can't be fixed through the spot where you add widgets. Hope this helps. If not keep posting what you are doing and you are on my blog roll so I can try to keep helping. I had the same problem when I was trying to change my template so I feel your pain!!

Mrs. Egley

Tessa said...

Ok. ladies. I got the new design on my blog, but the old background from keeps coming back up to haunt me! It covers up my pretty new brown and polka dotted background! The background is not listed under the template part. Where else could it be that I am not finding and deleting? Any more good ideas? By the way - thanks for helping!