Sunday, July 10, 2011

Target Finds and a Few Freebies

Here are a few of the goodies that I found at Target the other day!  I'll be honest I was a bit disappointed.  I must not have gotten there quick enough because the whole dollar spot seemed really picked over.  I shouldn't complain tho - that means I can get some other goodies later!
The pencils in the picture were only 50 cents a pack!  The green trash can was 2.50 but it matches the lime green in my room.

Love these spinner addition mats! Great for work stations!

The card sorts are for rhyming and colors and the other is a shape game. I also picked up 4 packs of cards (in green - a main color in my room) and some dice. I can ALWAYS use dice!

Only one set of letter stamps in the whole dollar spot! Boo!  I did get some thank you notecards for 50 cents each tho! The card deck with the ants on it have pictures of animals with a matching action word written on it.  There are also 2 sets of number puzzles and 2 sets of letter puzzles - good for stations!

These were a favorite buy!  The 3 in front are half the size of a normal clipboard.  I plan on adding half size write the room sheets to these (gotta save on paper!)  The bigger clipboard is for me.  I just liked the color!
Click here for the write the room sheets.
I actually got these at Dollar Tree.  I just liked colorful dice!

 What goodies did you find?


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Tangelia C. said...

:( Dude! My Target didn't have anything!!! Well, it had the game mats but only 1 of each! I got two pointers, one blue star- one red star. But that's it! Very jealous of all the goodies you have! I'll have to go back sometime this week! Maybe I can find some more awesome stuff!