Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Teaching Wouldn't Be the Same Without...

Lil' Country Kindergarten is having a linky party! She wants to know:
My Teaching Wouldn't be the Same Without....

Well,  my list here could be extensive!  I will try to keep it short and list them out.
1.  Music.  I sing all day long.  I sing nursery rhymes and typical K style songs (think 5 little monkeys). I use songs to teach money, days of the week etc... I use songs to make transitions, quiet the kids, get ready for the hall. I use a lot of Dr. Jean and Imagination Movers.
2.  My Smartboard.  I love this thing.  Once you have one it is hard to go back.  My projector blew up this year and I didn't know what to do with myself!  Don't worry, I managed to kick into gear old style, but I have to admit I did a happy dance when they replaced my projector!
3.  Tea or diet Pepsi.  I know. Most of you are diet Coke fans - but I'm a little different.  I love Coke but not diet Coke.  I love diet Pepsi, but not Pepsi.  Weird.
4.  Sharpies.  I swear I have every single one they have invented (and then there is the stash I have hidden - just in case!)
5.  Ways to organize.  This can mean baskets, tubs, boxes etc... and LABELS. Love to label stuff.
6.  Binders.  I don't keep much in file folders.  It is all in binders.  I have to avoid this aisle at Staples.
7.  Books.  Seriously. I should hold stock with Scholastic.

I'll stop there.  I could get into soooo much more!  But I have a sneaky suspicion that Marlana was wanting one item we couldn't live without....


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Marlana said...

I think this post is great! You can post about as many things as you want! :) Ishould have mentioned I can't live without my soda, too! I love Coke & Dr. Pepper!