Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Smartboard File Freebies!

I am joining up with Just Add Clipart and posting more freebies.  I have posted these before but I am not sure how many people can use them.  Do you have a smartboard?  Is this something you can use?  I love creating with Smart Notebook resources - Do you have something that needs to be created? Follow me and drop me a comment and I'll try to get crackin' on it!  ( I usually do Kindergarten stuff - but I'm sure I could branch out!)

As a side note, I would like to show a snapshot of what these look like.  Can anyone tell me how to do that?



Donna said...

To get a snapshot, open your file in Notebook and you'll see a little camera on your top toolbar (it's called capture.) If you click on this, you will get a snapshot of whatever you highlight by dragging your cursor over it. Then, copy this image and paste into Paint (if you're using Windows) and save. Voila! If you have trouble, email me at DLCteach@aol.com and I can do them for you in a jiffy.

Good Luck!

Jenny said...

I teach Kindergarten also and I have a Smartboard. I would love to see all the things that you create for the Smartboard. I have several things that I have created also that I can share with you, as soon as I can get in my room and set up my classroom computers. Thanks for the freebies!


Tessa said...

Hi Donna - when I use my capture tool it opens in a new notebook page. I have tried to save it to a document before but could not. I will try it your way!

Jenny - I'd love to share! I'll have to start following your blog!

Unknown said...

I am so excited to connect with you! I did a little happy dance last week when I found out I was getting a smartboard this fall!! I have used an infocus projector for years putting my lessons in ppt. Now I am busy changing tings like my calendar, music, poems, phonics lessons to Smart notebook. I too would love to share.
P.S. Thanks for following me. I will add your blog to my Blog list

Donna said...


Thanks for blogging about my giveaway. I have your email from your comment, so I'm going to send you some snapshots of your freebies. (Consider it me paying you back for such great freebies - i LOVE my SmartBoard!)


Beadboard said...

HI! Your smartboard freebies come up in google docs, but when I click on download, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong? thanks for your help!

Tessa said...

I'm not sure. e-mail me directly and I can send them to you.


The Meeks Family said...

I'm a brand new kinder teacher this year w/ a smartboard. I would love to have access to some of your resouces. I'm really excited about my smartboard but don't have much time to do a lot of the creating because I'm busy with everything else that consumes the life of a first year teacher :) Thanks a lot! Any help/advice/files you could give me would be GREATLY appreciated!