Friday, July 8, 2011

under construction!

Don't mind the look of the blog right now!  I am trying to find some new backgrounds and/or header for me blog.  One problem.  It seems as if I am layering the new on top of the old instead of removing or replacing the old.  Any suggestions?  
Off to the local fair with the kids!  I'll worry about this later!



Mrs. Egley said...

You probably need to go into the "edit html" and take out the coding for the old background? I know how you feel - I have spent so much time this summer getting my blog up and going and have changed it many many times! You could try to google your question - there are tons of tutorials that have helped my with my blog.

Mrs. Egley said...

You know what, I was just taking another look at your blog and you have two designs on it -- shabby blogs and hot bliggity blog. so you definitely need to go into "edit html" and take out the coding for the one blog design that you do not want. I like the one with the green and blue dots!

Again, good luck!!

Tessa said...

Thanks! I'll try to do that. Actually I thought I already did - but obviously it didn't work!