Monday, July 11, 2011

More Smartboard Files to share

I have created a couple more Smartboard Files for those who have this capability.  If you have a Smartboard did you know you can get the software from your district and download it on your personal computer?  Now you can create anytime!  I just create games, stations, etc... when the mood strikes and then e-mail them to myself! 

Here are my games to share!  Please leave me a comment if these are something you can use.  I love to create - but if no one is using these I don't want to waste your time!
Update: please e-mail me if you would like these.  I'm not sure what is up with Google docs, but I can't download anything and when I upload things it still says unavailable.  Any suggestions?
As a side note on these two games: If Shape Connect 4 opens up and appears to be small click on this button at the top.
 If Sight word Connect 4 opens up where you can't see both sides of the game board click this button:



Jenny said...

I would love your Smartboard files. Thanks for sharing!!!!


amber said...

Oh my goodness...this would be wonderful! My board just went in at school, can't wait to start playing ;). Thank you, thank you for your ideas!

jennifer said...

I would love these, thanks for doing these!!